Our story is still unfolding. Come witness the beginning, see how a young immigrant's dreams came true!

Giuseppe (Joe) Barbieri was a young man of 24, when he emigrated to Canada in 1953. Like all new immigrants, he dreamed of a new life in Canada.

Having left his home town of San Vito; at the tender age of 15, he spent 8yrs in Rome before coming to Canada. He apprenticed at his brother's barbershop at the young age of 8. He would climb up on a crate to apply shaving soap to the client's face, and then the barber would shave them.

young joe sr.jpg

Canada was a whole other world away. Like all immigrants at the time, Joe landed in Halifax at Pier 21. From here, he took the train to Toronto. He got off that train, and the next day started working. He never looked back; today even at the age of 86, he's still going strong.

Joe has owned the shop since July 1, 1963. There's been a few changes over the years. Starting as a barbershop, then slowly evolving to include ladies hairstyling too.

The one thing that has remained constant is Joe's philosophy of hard work, honesty, integrity, and dedication. Serving his clients is the most important duty he has.

The first half century went quick. We're looking forward to the next 50yrs. Joe is too!

No work, no future!
— Joe Barbieri