A Barber Shop or a Hair Salon?

"What do you do here?"


Ah! the famous question we once got from a potential client.

I was tempted to say that we made pizza, but I declined. In retrospect, the client probably wondered whether we did ladies' or men's hair.

Looking at it from our perspective, its obvious we do both. We're barbers and hairstylists. We do hot towel shaves, and streaks etc. You'd think it would be obvious, but still some people just don't seem to see that.

Barbers & Hairstylists of Joseph's Hairstyling

The shop started over 50yrs ago as a traditional barber shop. Over time, with ladies wanting hair services too; we evolved into a "unisex" salon. I don't think that word is used much anymore. We just refer to ourselves as the "shop".

Today, you'll find both men and the ladies peacefully coexisting at the shop. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Can you really run a barber shop and hair salon under one roof? You sure can! We're living proof!

Any day you come to our shop, you'll find ladies getting haircuts, colours, perms etc. At the same time men are getting haircuts, hot towel shaves,etc. It does work out great!

The common thread here is Hair. Caring for our clients hair, and transforming it into something that makes them feel great! Ask any barber or hairstylist, there is nothing more satisfying than a client leaving your chair totally happy!

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