What is the Value of Experience?

Young Barbers & Hairstylists, Listen Up!

Fresh out of barber/beauty school? Know everything there is to know about the trade? Think again, you haven't even scratched the surface yet! This doesn't only apply to our profession, but any and all professions.

You see those older barbers; if you can still find any, or older hairdressers? You know, the ones that don't seem cool, or up to date. They don't wear the latest clothes, maybe don't use computers, or cellphones. They seem so out of touch, but why are they still working in the industry? They seem to always be working, and have an active clientele. How can this be?

There is an answer; want to know what it is? Get ready, here it comes: Experience!

Joseph's oldschool barbers back in the day

Joseph's oldschool barbers back in the day

These people are the backbone of our industry. They were the ones that saw all the changes; good or bad we've seen over the years. Their professionalism, style, work ethic etc., comes from years of hard work, and discipline.

Notice how all their focus is at the task at hand? The client has all their attention. You never see them always talking to other coworkers. Cellphones in the middle of a service? Never!

Every minute detail of the service is attended to, until everything is perfect. Parts are straight, nose/ear hairs, eyebrows are trimmed. Clients are properly draped at the shampoo basin, so they aren't soaked. They ask the client; more than a few times, if all is well. They even listen to the client to determine what service they actually want. Imagine that!

They never seem to complain about things. They never seem to get tired; even though they are. Their breaks consist of the occasional trip to the bathroom, or maybe lunch.

They arrive early, and usually take that one last client before they go home. That last client gets all the same attention that the day's first client did. Pride in their work is the order of the day. A client won't leave the chair until the service is perfect.

You younger people entering the trade can learn so much from them. Pick their brains for information, ask questions, show genuine interest, watch them working etc. Above all, show them the respect they so richly deserve!

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